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By providing a monetary donation, you will assist residents on Ocracoke Island recovering from Hurricane Dorian.

We are so grateful for your generosity.

thank you for your support

2020 Donors

Aaron Houston
Barbara Meyers
Bertina Povenmire
Belinda Patrick
Carter Whitman
Catherine Pleines
David Niemeier
David White
Deborah Leonard
Elaine Spray
Elizabeth Jane Webster
Emily Bettendorf
Greg Lewis
Henry Areheart
Janet Sigler
Jeannette Peel
Jeff Kenyon
Jeffrey Martin
Jennifer Christine Beauchamp
Jim and Linda Cole
Jimmy Johnson
JoAnn Hummers
John Wright
Judith Wheeler
Karen Lovejoy
Kathleen Gille
Larrie Dean
Linda Scarborough
Louis Allen
Lynn Murphree
Lynne Embler
Margaret Bowen
Martha Ellert
Mary Ann Jones
Mary Ann Nagel
Mary Bryant
Mary Buckingham
Matt Bonham
Nadine Cobb
Nancy Williams
Ned Guardenier
Noel Talcott
Pat Coulter
Pat Hanson
Patricia Darlington
Randy Martin
Reena Bernards
Rob Bodle
Robert and Pamela Schirner
Robert Jones
Ruth Toth
Sara Hannum
Sarah Reister
Suzanne Keller
Suzzane Eggeling
Thomas L. Painter
Tim Higgins
Timothy Fields
Tony Hunter
Vickie Pavlik
Vivien Kane
William Holdrich
William Hunter
Willis Slane

nobody circuit
Coyote Music
Outer Banks Homeowners Association
Sanctuary Vineyards
The Neuse Sailing Association
Correll Associates

Thank you also to our many Grantors and Community Partners, Anonymous Donors, and Donors through Network for Good.

for additions or adjustments, please email [email protected]

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