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Hurricane Dorian

Learn more about the storm and its effects on Ocracoke Island
from the Ocracoke Observer's October Issue

Events since September 6 2019

Both local news outlets have kept detailed archives of the events Post-Dorian
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The Ocracoke Observer

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The Ocracoke Current

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Fast Facts

a brief overview of the storm's effects

September 6th 2019

Hurricane Dorian Hits Ocracoke Island

the storm made landfall around 9am

Historic Flooding

storm-surge reached 7.5 feet, the highest recorded in recent history

Structures Damaged

400 of the 1,200 structures took significant damage while 200 of those were ruled completely uninhabitable 

Cars Flooded

300-400 cars were damaged by the floodwater; the majority were totaled

Islanders Displaced

roughly 40% of residents were displaced by the storm

October 2019

The OIRRT is Officially Formed

in order to address the significant need in the community, the long term recovery group forms

February 2020

Debris Removal

9,000 truck loads of debris totaling over 6,650 tons have been removed from the Island

March 6th 2020

Returning Home

it is estimated conservatively that 20% of residents still remain displaced, unable to live in their own homes